Bayluscide® 70 WP

Ang Pambansang Molluscicide

For the control of fresh water snails infesting rice. Bayluscide® 70 WP is fortified with 70% niclosamide concentration for quick knockdown. It has the same Bayluscide® quality and reliability patronized by a majority of rice farmers for over 25 years.

Key Benefits

  • Mas pinabisa pa sa pagkontrol ng Golden Apple Snail (GAS)
  • Convenient preparation and dosing - Hindi na kailangan sukatin pa. Ang isang 35g sachet ay sapat na kada 16L na karga ng knapsack sprayer
  • High quality

Dosage Matrix

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Registration Numbers

  • 284-229-1153

Active Ingredients

  • Niclosamide 700 g a.i./kg


35g x 10

Problema sa taniman?

Mag-text sa Bayer TXT Connect: 225656727 (Smart/ TNT/ Sun Subscribers) o 21586727 (Globe/ TM Subscribers)

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