Instant Panalo Hatid ng Bayer Rice Brands



Promo valid only from April 15 to December 30, 2022.



1. This program is open to all farmers who purchase either Arize®, Council Complete®, Nativo™, Yeoval®, and Decis® brands. Only the following products will be included in this program:




Arize® regular market




Council Complete®


Decis® and Yeoval®

2. Farmers must claim a minimum of 2 brands to join.

3. Only receipts from April 15 to December 30, 2022 shall be included in this promotion. Any receipts beyond these dates will not be accepted.

4. Multiple receipts are allowed but only sales invoices/official receipts shall be honored. Farmers shall choose a prize from the attached catalogue based on value of total purchase. Prizes are instantly awarded upon verification that claims and receipts are valid. Farmers who receive government subsidy for Arize® are not included in this promotion.


1. Instant Panalo is offered during RDGAs.

2. Prizes will be given instantly to farmers who can attain the peso value attached.

3. None of the prizes can be transferrable to cash or other prizes. When claiming, total purchase shall be rounded off to lower value.

4. Only original sales invoices/official receipts shall be honored. 

5. Original receipt shall be marked claimed by Bayer's Demand Generation Executive. This will be attached to claim summary.

6. Farmers can claim multiple times within the year. However, each claim shall be considered as a new claim. Receipts can only be used once. 

7. For those that also joined Council Complete Knapsack sprayer program and Arize® discount program, their receipt shall be counted as brand qualifier but value shall be zero (eg. Joined Council Knapsack prayer and bought Nativo, qualifier is counted as 2 brands but value taken will be Nativo purchase).

Learn more about the products:


Bayer's premium and long grain hybrid rice.

Nativo™ 75 WG


Nativo™ 75 WG delivers heavier and cleaner grains thereby increasing your yield. With Nativo™ 75 WG, count every GRAIN and expect a higher weight per sack compared to other brands. FLEXIBLE APPLICATION! Nativo™ 75 WG is a broad-spectrum, systemic fungicide that combines 2 leading fungicides of Bayer CropScience - Trifloxystrobin and Tebuconazole, both tried and trusted by farmers worldwide. Dual active ingredient, broad-spectrum systemic fungicide for the control of diseases in rice, mango, corn, bitter gourd, eggplant, tomato, onion, watermelon, potato, cabbage, and pepper.

Council Complete® 300 SC


At 100ml/hectare, the new Council Complete® offers excellent, broad-spectrum weed control giving your rice crop a head start over weeds for the first 30 days. It has two new active ingredients that work to control different types of weeds without damage to crop making it more flexible. Maliit pero epektibo; Bagong sangkap para sa lipat-tanim

Decis® 2.5 EC


Sa tamang DECIS- yon Tayo! Dekalidad. Mabisa. Abot-kaya. Tamang proteskyon sa tamang presyo. Synthetic pyrethroid for the control of major insect pests in rice, mango, crucifers, beans, tobacco, corn, and other crops. Decis® 2.5 EC is a non-systemic insecticide that acts mainly by contact and ingestion. It has strong lipophilicity, which facilitates easier adsorption on the cuticle of the insect and then quick penetration into the body. It also has very low solubility in water which makes it resistant to run-off. Decis® 2.5 EC can be used via spray application.

Yeoval® SC 200


Yeoval® is the new multi-facet insecticide from Bayer working with vibrant energy against caterpillars in rice, pepper, cabbage, and corn. Yeoval® SC 200 is a broad-spectrum insecticide of Coleopteran, Dipteran, and Lepidopteran pests that are economically important and difficult to control. It is a reliable insect pest control that is effective in different insect stages - eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults.

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