Dual trait, Dual tolerance

The first dual trait hybrid rice variety in the Philippines, Arize® AZ 8433 DT offers tolerance against Bacterial Leaf Blight (BLB) and Brown Plant Hopper (BPH).

Bacterial leaf blight (BLB) Tolerance

BLB is a common disease that afflicts severe damage to fields especially during rainy season, and which there has presently no chemical cure. To prevent damage caused by this disease, Bayer CropScience introduced a hybrid in Asia with built-in tolerance to Bacterial Leaf Blight (BLB). Today, this trait is being progressively incorporated into all Arize® hybrids to help protect against BLB during the wet months.

Brown Plant Hopper (BPH) Tolerance

Insects such as the BPH are capable of destroying entire fields of rice. This migratory pest is resistant to most plant protection products and can induce severe yield losses by sucking the sap of rice plants and introducing viruses that cause serious setbacks to harvests. Bayer CropScience launched the very first dual trait hybrid rice variety in the Philippines that has tolerance for both BLB and BPH – Arize® AZ 8433 DT. This ensures that farmers have a first line of defense against this unpredictable pest.

Brown Plant Hopper (BPH)

Nilaparvata lugens

     •   BPH is a common insect pest
         of rice and has re-emerged
         in the Philippines

     •   Too much feeding causes
          hopperburn or yellowing,
          browning and drying of plant

     •   Infestation is more likely
         to occur in areas with high
         cropping intensity and
         asynchronous planting

How BPH tolerance works


Antixenosis or non-preference



Reaction Time



Higher Economic Threshold


Host plant resistance mechanism makes
AZ 8433DT least preferred by the insect
in free choice environment

Observable delay in hopper burn manifestation
thus affords farmers enough reaction time for
control and intervention

Higher economic threshold at 5 - 7 insects per tiller
(versus susceptible varieties at 1 insect per tiller) which
can lead to reduction of the normal insecticide application

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