For over a century, DEKALB® brand has been at the forefront of corn seed technology. We have created a legacy of incredible innovations and established a history of unmatched performance potential in the field. DEKALB® is the past, present, and future of corn production.

Giving Higher Yield 

Farmers count on DEKALB to deliver superior performance that delivers top results, season after season

Growing Knowledge & Support

Committed to sharing knowledge around agronomics practices, new technologies. Helping you make smart and informed choices through our qualified sales reps and DEKALB® SMART Farms

Bringing Technology & Innovation

DEKALB is committed to applying innovation and technology to help farmers in Asia to produce more while conserving more. 

• Industry-leading germplasm pool and tested under local growing 
• Deliver superior genetics that allow farmers to get more out of each seed, resulting in the potential for higher yield
• DEKALB at the forefront in biotechnology

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