Aliette® 80 WP

Systemic fungicide for control of phytophthora disease in pineapple, rubber, cacao, coconut, and orchids. When applied as a preventative treatment, Aliette® 80 WP stops plant infection by inhibiting spore germination and the penetration of the pathogen into the plant or blocks mycelial development and sporulation in the case of a curative treatment. Aliette® 80 WP also significantly slows down the invasion of the pathogen by reinforcing the defensive reactions of the plants. This enables the host's hypersensitive response to seal off the invading organism.

Apply Aliette® 80 WP for preventive treatment. Treat plants that are in full active growth to ensure full mobility of product within the plant. Use Aliette® 80 WP for curative treatemnt only for extreme cases and using higher doses. \nOnce package is opened, use all contents imediately, or reseal package. Special care for specific tank mixtures

Key Benefits

  • Unique and original Mode of Action without resistance risk
  • Provide the plant with a 'resistance' to the disease
  • Systemicity for protection of the root system through foliar application
  • Residues without toxicological relevance

Dosage Matrix

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Registration Numbers

  • 284-154-0338

Active Ingredients

  • Fosetyl-al


50g, 250g, 5kg

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