Serenade® SC

Ang Fungicide na may Ex-Factor!

The first biological fungicide! Serenade® SC is a naturally occurring product derived from QST 713 strain of Bacillus subtilis. It stimulates cell elongation thereby contributing to faster shoot elongation and fruit retention and enlargement after flowering. Serenade® SC has bactericidal and fungicidal properties. It has a broad-spectrum and multi-site mode of action, which fuels plant health and growth. When applied, QST713 strain of Bacillus subtilis colonizes the root systems and produces plant growth-promoting compounds. This makes nutrients in the soil more available to the plant. Also, by colonizing the root systems, Serenade® SC exhibits direct contact activity against soil pathogens, thus protecting the plant against harmful diseases in the soil. Serenade® SC can be used during mango flower induction and applied as drench application for healthier vegetable seedlings.

Key Benefits

  • Biological Fungicide, safe to farmers
  • Compatible with non-target organisms
  • Boosts plant defense systems
  • Enhanced growth
  • Offers robust and uniform flowers and fruits
  • Higher fruit retention
  • Resistance induction
  • Lowers re-entry and pre-harvest intervals

Dosage Matrix

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Registration Numbers

  • 284-366-3116

Active Ingredients

  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (syn. B. subtilis)


1 L, 10 L

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