Siganex® 600 SC

Effective contact and systemic fungicide for the control of black sigatoka disease infecting cavendish banana. Siganex® 600 SC is a locally systemic fungicide with Methionine biosynthesis Inhibitor Mode of Action. It affects the attacking fungi primarily by inhibiting germ tube extension and mycelia growth. At the biochemical level, Siganex® 600 SC acts by interfering with the secretion of enzymes, which are required by the fungus during infection of the plant. Siganex® 600 SC causes curling effect on infectious hyphae tips of Mycospharella fijiensis, which is unique and has not been observed with other fungicides used for control of Black Sigatoka.

Key Benefits

  • Unique chemical class
  • Unique mode of action
  • Excellent spread, distribution, and uptake
  • Special interaction with the leaf wax structure
  • Outstanding safety profile
  • Ideal tool for resistance management in rotation and as tank-mix partner

Dosage Matrix

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Registration Numbers

  • 284-345-1068

Active Ingredients

  • Pyrimethanil


20 L, 200 L

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