Roundup® 48 SL


Epektibo sa nakakaraming klase na damo. Pinagkakatiwalaan hindi lang sa Pilipinas kundi sa ibang bansa; Tatak Kalidad, Garantisado! Roundup® 48 SL is a very effective herbicide for general use. Glyphosate is widely used prior to planting crops in order for farmers to plant in a clean seedbed. It can also be used post-planting before crop emergence, as well as post-emergence on Roundup® Ready crops. These applications are possible because Glyphosate residues in soil, shortly after applications at the recommended rates, do not affect crop growth because of the combination of soil-binding capacity, product immobility, and rapid degradation -- typical for Glyphosate and unique compared to other commercial herbicides.

When used according to label directions Roundup® herbicide does not represent a hazard to health or the environment and is considered as non-toxic to humans and animals

Key Benefits

  • Excellent weed Control: Roundup® herbicide is nonselective and broad-spectrum; controls grasses, sedges, and broadleaf weeds
  • Systemic Herbicide: Roundup® herbicide is systemic; it translocates or moves inside the plant from the point of uptake (source) to areas of high metabolic activity such as the shoot and root meristem (sink).
  • Efficient weed control: Extensively reduces time spent on weed control operation; Can be sprayed at high carrier volumes to ultra low volumes
  • Cost Effective weed control: Roundup® application provides savings of up to 20-60% relative to other control methods
  • Environment-friendly: Roundup® herbicide is post-emergent; it controls emerged weeds and has no residual soil activity

Dosage Matrix

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Registration Numbers

  • 284-151-4568

Active Ingredients

  • Glyphosate IPA


1 L, 4 L

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