Confidor® SL 200

For the control of hoppers infesting mango, various pests in banana, watermelon, citrus, cabbage, sugarcane, asparagus, okra, and mealybugs in pineapple. Confidor® SL 200 is an acute contact and stomach poison insecticide that is characterized by its excellent systemic properties. Imidacloprid belongs to the chemical class of neonicotinoid insecticides. It acts by interfering with the transmission of impulses in the nerve system of insects, exciting certain nerve cells to act on a receptor protein. Treated insects die as a result of the dysfunction of the nervous system. Confidor® SL 200 has shown excellent plant compatibility after ten years of trials and commercial use with various formulations in numerous crops. Even with low-application rates, it has proven its efficacy over a long period of time. Confidor can be applied in foliage (leaves) or through soil and stem application, particularly for fruits and vegetables.

Key Benefits

  • Broad-spectrum of activity, particularly against sucking insects, various species of beetles, some species of flies, leaf miners, and termites.
  • Outstanding biological efficacy with excellent root-systemic properties
  • Good long-lasting effect - combined with low application rates and good plant compatibility

Dosage Matrix

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Registration Numbers

  • 284-240-0781

Active Ingredients

  • Imidacloprid


100 ml, 500 ml

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