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MON 95275


MON 95275 was produced by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of maize tissue using the transformation vector PV-ZMIR525664. This vector contains a single T-DNA (transfer DNA), that is delineated by Right and Left Border regions. The T-DNA, contains the DvSnf7.1 suppression cassette, and the mpp75Aa1.1 and vpd4Da2 expression cassettes.

MON 95275


Ang MON 95275 ay ginawa ng Agrobacterium-mediated transformation ng maize tissue gamit ang transformation vector PV-ZMIR525664. Gumagawa ang MON 95275 ng dalawang insecticidal protein, Mpp75Aa1.1 at Vpb4Da2, at ang DvSnf7.1 RNA na nagproprotekta laban sa pinsala sa pagpapakain na dulot ng mga target na coleopteran pest na ito. Sa huling produkto, ang MON 95275 ay tinanggal gamit ang pananda ng pagpili ng CP4 EPSPS.

Aliette® 80 WP

Alion® 500 SC

Altacor™ 35 WG

Antracol® 70 WP

Bayluscide® 250 EC

Bayluscide® 70 WP

Bulldock® 025 EC

Confidor® 200 SL

Council Complete® 300 SC

Daconil™ 75 WP

Decis® 2.5 EC

Ethrel™ 480 SL

Fenos® 24 WG

Fenos® 480 SC

Folicur® 25 WP

Folicur® 430 SC

Gaucho® 350 FS

Impulse® 500 EC

Infinito SC™ 687.5

Luna Sensation™ SC 500

Luna Tranquility® SC 500

Movento® 240 SC

Nativo™ 75 WG

Nominee One™

Nominee™ 100 SC

Pennant™ 50 EC

Rampage™ 50 SP

Ricestar Xtra®

Ronstar™ 25 EC

Roundup® 48 SL

Serenade® SC

Sevin™ 85 WP

Siganex™ 600 SC

Silvacur™ 300 EC

Solomon® 300 OD

Verango Prime® SC 500

Vindex Plus™

Yeoval® SC 200

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