Heavier and cleaner grains highlighted in the very first Nativo Day celebration

Thousands of rice farmers across the country participated in the very first Nativo Day celebration, a nationwide event spearheaded by Bayer Crop Science, Inc. Nativo offers Heavier and Cleaner Grains – two of the many factors that ensure farmers’ high yield and high income. 

A total of 13 Nativo Day events were held from August – September in Cagayan, Isabela (Cauayan and San Mateo), Ilocos Norte, Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan, Oriental Mindoro, Camarines Sur, Leyte, Iloilo, Bukidnon, South Cotabato, and Davao del Norte.

“We wanted to have a chance to celebrate with our Nativo farmers, whether they be long time supporters of Nativo or first-time buyers.  It was an opportunity to talk about the heavier and cleaner grain effect of Nativo that farmers all over the Philippines has witnessed,” says Pamela Gutierrez, Bayer’s Grower Marketing Manager for Rice.  

The highlight of the half-day activity was the HACKot Shopping (Heavier and Cleaner Kariton Shopping) – a Shopping spree game where 5 lucky winners get to play and haul grocery items prepared from 3 stations. At least 65 lucky farmers across the country played the game.

According to Gutierrez, Nativo promises heavier and cleaner grains and the team wanted an event that would symbolize that “siksik, liglig, umaapaw” promise of the brand. “We thus came up with the Nativo Heavier and Cleaner Kariton Shopping Spree! Farmers who use Nativo were not only able to experience the heavier and cleaner grains of Nativo but also get the chance to win carts full of groceries! It was truly an enjoyable event,” she adds. 

Gutierrez also shared that the winners were thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this unique event. It seemed like a once in a lifetime experience for many as it was the farmers’ first time to join this kind of obstacle course fun. Those watching were also excited to witness their friends gather as much groceries as they could before the time limit.

Nativo is powered by two active ingredients – Tebuconazole and Trifloxystrobin. The combination of these powerful active ingredients offers farmers HEAVIER and CLEANER grains when applied during booting and 5% heading stages. This has been proven and tested across multiple trials and demos from different parts of the country. In a study conducted by Bayer, Nativo outperformed competitor brands with 100% win rate. Nativo significantly improved farmers yield by offering them better, quality grains.

“As demonstrated by our trials in different areas of the Philippines and in rice-growing regions around the world, Nativo consistently outperforms any competing brands in the market in terms of securing better yields under various conditions, both with and without disease, Rice Agronomic Systems Manager for SEAP Leo Hawod says.

Talking about the science behind the many benefits of the product, Hawod shares that Nativo is the best-in-class product developed by Bayer specifically for rice,. “Along with excellent broad-spectrum disease control, it also has great effects on plant health like increased photosynthesis, increased protein formation, and increased stress tolerance. As a result, farmers across the country can benefit greatly from Nativo,” he adds.

Nativo Day is just one of Bayer Crop Science’s relentless efforts to bring quality crop protection products closer to the farmers. Backed up with numerous trials and farmer testimonials who have used the product, Nativo could be farmers’ ultimate partner in achieving quality produce and high, HEAVIER yield. 


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Mindanao rice farmers, good news! A more convenient way of spraying Nativo fungicide over rice fields is now possible for farms in the southern-most island group in the country. 

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